• Astronomical art
    Astronomical art is the term for a genre of modern artistic expression that strives to show the wonders of the […]
  • Color symbolism
    Color symbolism in art and anthropology refers to the use of color as a symbol in various cultures. There is great […]
  • Aerography art
    Aerography is a surrealist method in which a stencil used in spraypainting is replaced by a three-dimensional object, […]
  • Community Arts
    Community arts, also sometimes known as “dialogical art”, “community-engaged” or […]
  • French Colonial
    French Colonial is a style of architecture used by the French during colonization. Many former French colonies, […]
  • Italian purism
    Purismo was an Italian cultural movement which began in the 1820s. Purismo is the name of an art movement of the […]
  • Orientalism
    In art history, literature and cultural studies, Orientalism is the imitation or depiction of aspects in the Eastern […]
  • Late baroque music
    The baroque in European music historical significance was a period from about 1600 to around 1750. From early on, the […]
  • Lettrism
    Lettrism is a French avant-garde movement, established in Paris in the mid-1940s by Romanian immigrant Isidore Isou. In […]
  • Armenian literature
    Armenian literature is Christian-oriental literature, and thus formed a national and historical link of high […]